wholesale Chinese original Furunbao male sex capsules (8 pills)

Specification: 0.3 g * 8 capsules/tin or 2 capsules/pack 

Dosage: To achieve maximum results with Furunbao, take one (1) capsule after a normal meal. Since this herbal supplement has a long-lasting effect, it is advised that you wait approximately three (3) days between each dose.       

Shelf Life: 24 months. Do not use if seal is broken or seen any damage to packaging.

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Furunbao online is a potent medicine that treats various sexual complications in men such as impotence, low libido, premature ejaculation, painful erections and low sperm count. Some of the, herbal ingredients of Furunbao online wholesale are Chinese wolfberry, Vitamin A, B, D, E, C and F, Dioscorea japonica and GalangaRhizoma.

How does this medication work?

Furunbao online stimulates blood flow in the arteries of penis, fill the penile cells with blood, expand the surface area and increase the size and girth of penis effectively. Below are some of the important functions played by herbal ingredients:

1.    Chinese wolfberry

It is also known as Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty, Chinese wolfberry is an aphrodisiac that has been used for ages in treating various sexual problems in men. It is mainly cultivated in China that is famous for stimulating sex hormones while lovemaking. Not only this, it keeps the body healthy and fit. The stimulating pigments of this herb enhance fertility by increasing the count of sperm.

2.    Vitamin A

It is believed that Vitamin A enhances the production of testosterone in the body which in turn offer strong libido while getting romantic with your partner.

3.    Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is famous for eliminating free radicals from the body. It also lowers the level of nitric acid in the body. Higher the nitric acid more will be the oxygen concentration in the body which provides great efficiency while working out.

4.    Vitamin E

Vitamin E is mainly linked with ecstasy that enhances the production of love hormone, romantic mood, desire, and attraction. As an effective antioxidant, it reduces the signs of aging and enhances sex life for better performance in bed.

5.    Dioscorea japonica

It is also known as Japnese Mountain yam because it is a type of yam native to Japan. Dioscorea japonica is famous for enhancing sexual performance in bed. It provides strong libido which offers pleasurable sex while lovemaking.

6.    GalangeaRhizoma

The aromatic stimulant is usually used as a flavoring agent in Furunbao online. The hypotensive drug enhances sperm count and motility for effective performance in bed.

Furunbao Online: Dosing Information

You can take one tablet of Furunbao online before one hour of the sexual act. The herbal components of Furunbao online make it active for more than 72 hours after consumption.

Side effects of Furunbao Online

Furunbao online is 100% safe and effective medicine that makes it completely safe for health. No serious side effects are observed after taking Furunbao online wholesale. Some of the common side effects are headache, sleepless nights and nausea. Do not overdose Furunbao Online, if you did it, visit your doctor immediately.

Where to buy?

Although Furunbao online is a non-prescription drug still, one should take it after prescription of doctor. You can buy Furunbao from medical store but if you want to enjoy sale and discounted price, purchaseFurunbao online wholesale from online pharmacies. Many online websites offer discount coupons on these medicines. Place your order today!


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